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So you've moved to Colorado

Passions. I pay close attention to what I am passionate about.
I am obsessed with being outdoors...I have to have some outdoor time each day. In the beginning of my move to Colorado, I’d sit on the back patio in the morning, aka a slab of cement eight feet from the fence line stretching along the side of the house. I’d steep my English breakfast tea and stand outside in the sunshine shining on my roommate’s patch of sunflowers and enjoy the cool before the heat.
I think I adjusted well enough to the heat, but I still miss the rain. A coworker told me in late July that we were heading into monsoon season. I pictured Vietnam, where it rains nonstop for a month during monsoon season. Or I remembered the August storms of New York where you’d watch the clouds change on the horizon and wait in anticipation as the energy of the air became charged with electricity.
But a Colorado monsoon, at least in Grand Junction, is the equivalent to an afternoon thunderstorm once a week. And the large rai…

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