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Sustainability through Hope

A few months ago I challenged myself to write a children’s book on climate change, simple enough to be put into a picture book. How could I explain this vast topic to the next generation that will truly live it?
I experimented with the analogy of a fever. “The world is sick,” I wrote. The earth will keep upping its temperature until the infection is killed off, and the world can begin to heal again. The problem with that analogy is, what is the infection? Is it humans?
When it comes to addressing a huge looming problem, fear is a strong but short-term motivator. Fear changes your habits for several weeks, even a few months or years, but it can’t be a sustainable way to live your day-to-day life. Hope is a much more effective stimulator of positive change. 
Planting Hope
I found hope in the 1970 book, The Secret Life of Plants. It described in scientific detail the liveliness of this terra, and the interconnectedness of all life — including plants — that is more felt than visible. Baxter’s…

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