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The 2nd Reckoning of the #MeToo movement

I recently watched “The Morning Show,” a fictional news TV show that interacts with real world events, primarily the Me Too movement. It starts with the firing of its male cohost for sexual misconduct allegations, similar to the real life example of Matt Lauer. While it portrays the typical revelations of the movement’s early awakening—women coming forward stating they were a victim, too—there’s another reckoning lying beneath the surface none of the characters want to face: I was complicit, too.As much as all of the characters struggle to self-righteously believe they couldn’t have contributed to the problem, the one who struggles the most is the fired cohost. He loses it all: job, wife, kids, friends, social status, any future of a career. And he can’t help feeling, I’m not as bad as Weinstein, as the "first wave" of Me Too. He’s stuck in a victim mentality. That is, until a dramatic twist at the end, when you see the amazing actor Steve Carrell portray the stunned, horrif…

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