A New Year's Blessing, 2018

May your year be filled with Hope.

May you be inspired by stories of Love in the world. Of the doctors who travel into warzones, risking their very lives in order to save the lives of innocents hurt and maimed by war. Of minorities and victims who show compassion and forgiveness in the face of hatred. Of people who befriend someone the world tells them they cannot be friends with. Of being known, cared for, and inexplicably loved despite all one’s flaws.

May you be surprised by Joy, a lightness in spirit. An urge to dance, to smile, to enjoy the sunshine with your head back and eyes closed. The simplest daily treasures that when noticed imbue you with gratitude.

May a Peace you cannot explain envelope you in your most desperate hours. A hushing of your fears and worries and anxieties, the freedom of letting go what you cannot control.

May Patience be with you always, as you will often need it. In your car, on your phone, during the endless hours spent waiting. Remember that the journeys in life are as important, if not more so, than your destinations. Don’t miss the sights along the way.

May you continually extend Kindness towards someone you do not know, someone you do not understand, maybe even someone you hate or fear. Especially if that someone is yourself. If you are spontaneous in anything this year, let it be in kindness.

May Goodness fill your heart. May you see your friend, family member, boss, co-worker, local politician, even a stranger, and not only wish them well, but do good towards them, in everything.

May you be Faithful towards people, in your use of power and in relationships. May you be faithful in your promises, your values, and the essence of who you are. May you not compromise what you hold most dear, but embrace the challenges and struggles along the way to your goals and longings. But in faithfulness, do not fear doubt. Question your assumptions, surround yourself with others who think differently, and pursue Truth unwaveringly.

May you express Gentleness when others express judgement. May you not think more highly of yourself, but consider that in another person’s position, you may have done the same. Give other’s the benefit of the doubt that you give yourself. May you pursue an attitude of empathy.

In all these things, may you develop and learn the self-control needed to choose that which is more difficult, but more rewarding. To choose love, to choose joy, to choose peace, to choose patience, to choose kindness, to choose goodness, to choose faithfulness and gentleness.

And when the sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, may you still hold onto Hope.

Take Heart
Love, Lauren


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