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A Hunger for Homemaking

I have returned to the world of Pinterest, and immersed myself within its creativity of colors and dreams. In my browsing I have no purpose except to find the beautiful. At this stage of life, I find myself fawning over intricate bookshelves, cozy but bright living rooms, expressive canvases and — most of all — Tiny Houses. 
When I first learned about tiny houses, looking over the shoulder of my New Zealand boss’ new book purchase, I couldn’t see the appeal. She dreamed of owning a bit of property and living a sustainable life in tune with nature and free from the pull of commercialism. She wanted to use reclaimed wood, incorporate life with the outdoors, and lots of other details that would make her small dwelling a home.
It shouldn’t be a surprise then that the birthplace of my love for homemaking should lead me to a similar dream. 
Now in Colorado, I currently live in a development of houses that all look very similar. They have a prominent garage that takes up much of the front of…

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