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Moving Past the Blame Game

One thing I’ve seen so clearly in the past weeks is America’s need to blame. It’s been a bipartisan reality for a long time, blaming either someone in leadership or some group of “other” for personal or societal woes. As we struggle with the problem of evil there are plenty of imperfect people who we can cast responsibility onto, in part, for most problems.

The pandemic, however, could be a game-changer. But Americans aren’t acting like it is. 
Democrats have consistently blamed the current administration for their leadership and slow response. Republicans initially blamed Democrats for fear-mongering and exaggerating the dangers (the word “hoax” was thrown around). Then, Mitch McConnell blamed the impeachment proceedings for the government being distracted and slow-responding to the coronavirus. Some religious types even blame the evils or wrongdoing of our country for this turn of events. But in essence, American blames American.  The Blame GameIt’s hard for me, though, to understand w…

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