My Published Work

I have had the privilege of being published in various local publications, from the HuffPost to the Hudson Valley Magazine. Here are some of my favorites:

Hudson Valley Magazine

New Owners Dedicate Sweet Peas Cafe to Veterans

The New Windsor eatery gives back to the local community and honors those who served

The Newburgh Coffee Shop Where #EveryoneSmilesHere

Blacc Vanilla calls Newburgh hone, and wants you to be happy calling it home too

10 Plants to Help You Grow Your Own Butterfly Garden

Bring all the plants to your yard with these plant recommendations made from a local gardening expert

Shared Justice

What Protecting Utah's Bears Ears National Park Has to Do with Religious Freedom

The dramatic cuts to Bears is about much more than protecting the land

The Battle for Bears Ears: Government's Role in Conservation

Whether state or federal, it is the government's responsibility to to create and enforce environmentally conscientious laws to ensure a sustainable future

The Huffington Post

Can Someone Really Be Pro-Life and Republican?

For a party that claims to have a higher moral standing on the issue of abortion, it sure doesn't seem to care about people's lives after they are born

The No Paper Challenge: What if We Wrapped Gifts Sustainably?

Live life a little more sustainably this Christmas, and take the "no paper" challenge

What Sustains You?

People often think of "the environment" or "organic"... but really sustainability is a simple concept that can be applied to any number of scenarios

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