Winds of Change

I'm going to miss seeing the Salem bridge arch over the horizon as I turn onto Linden Avenue each day. Hearing the train rattle down the tracks, sometimes even getting to watch it roar underneath me as it speeds its way on towards Boston. I'll miss the way the sun sheds golden red rays across the apartment each evening before making its departure. No more runs to Lynch park, or walks to Dane St beach (I'll have to resort to driving).

I walked to the little park by the apartment last night to watch the sunset. I stood there watching, waiting, feeling the wind blow warm summer air across my face. Wind: there is going to be a change in the weather. A storm will come in the night and the next morning I will wake up and it will be different. Everything will be different, I thought.

Yesterday I finished my summer internship with the non-profit, Change is Simple. It really has been a great experience, and I am going to miss seeing the staff each day, and hearing daily updates on their lives. It was difficult not to be nostalgic all day: my last time uploading a blogpost, my last lunch at the office, my last time signing into the building's wireless network. It got a little ridiculous.

Luckily, as I walked back from my last sunset at the park, I began to feel a change. Even though I had experienced many lasts, tomorrow held the promise of many firsts. The first day living in the Dexter house, the first time seeing many of my friends in months, the first day of being a junior at Gordon college. So many good firsts. Even though transitions from one good to another can feel a little stormy trying to process everything, I know the change is good. And look! The many good firsts of tomorrow is now the good firsts of today.
Rainbow from the apartment

That stormy wind is comforting; I feel God's presence in the wind. I can't really explain it,
but it just feels familiar, like I am at home. I could stand for hours just letting the breeze wip around and blow my hair back, and listen to the rustling of branches and leaves tossed along the pavement. Maybe that is why I love storms, and love running outside to watch the clouds roll in before the rain comes pelting down. Storms bring change, and after the rain has poured and the thunder cracked, I usually find the sun comes out and tomorrow is a beautiful day. Sometimes the sun comes out before the rain has finished, and I am graced to see a rainbow-- the symbol of God's promise. "Trust me."


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